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17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008

The 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671 - 2008) is now in place. The 16th edition, which have served the electrical industry well for over 15 years, have now been superseded.


A lot has happened since 1882, when the Society of Telegraph Engineers and Electricians, later to become the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), published the 'Rules and Regulations for the Prevention of Fire Risks arising from Electric Lighting'. This was effectively the first edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, and was a simple four-page document.

From July 1st 2008, all electrical installation work in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must conform to the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. The only exception is for jobs started prior to July 1st, which can continue to be completed under the 16th Edition, provided they started with it and that the client agrees. This website will give you FREE information about the 17th edition regulations, including information about the major changes.

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The testing of wiring in a building is known as 'fixed wire testing' or 'hard wire testing' or sometimes 'Periodic Inspection Report' (PIR) The checking of electrical appliances to see if they are safe is called 'PAT Testing' or Portable Appliance Testing.

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