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17th Edition Wiring Regulations - Major Changes

What are the main changes from the 16th edition to the 17th-edition?


What’s in the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations ? There are many important changes to Wiring Regulations. The most significant changes are summarised below:-

  • A socket outlet can now be installed in bathrooms subject to being 3m from the edge of a shower or bath and it must be protected by a RCD.
  • ‘Special Locations’ such as photovoltaic power supplies, fairgrounds and amusement parks, marinas, exhibitions and floor and heating systems are now covered in the 17th edition.
  • The chapters have now been re-structured and re-numbered for alignment with international standards.
There are many fact sheets available on the internet which highlight the major changes. However, the best way to acquaint yourself with all of the updates and changes is to read the guidelines!

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