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17th-Edition Testers & 17th-Edition Wiring RegulationsTest Equipment

To buy 17th Edition testers - please click on the links on the right hand side to view some suppliers of 17th test equipment.

17th Edition testers typically carry out Earth Loop Impedence tests, Continuity, Insulation Resistance, RCD tests and others. Some testers are multi-purpose, with one machine doing all of the tests. Some electricians prefer individual machines for each test, with some suppliers carrying 'sets' of testers.

Use the links below to visit a number of reputable suppliers of test equipment.


You can also buy Electrical Test Equipment from Yotari - Your On-Line Electronics Expert

Megger PAT Tester Kewtech Multi-function Tester KT65 Kewtech Multi-Function Tester KT64 Megger MFT1710 17th-edition-tester

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